Ferry Colombia

Main Particulars

  • Length overall: 13.80m
  • Length between perpendiculars: 12.90m
  • Beam: 3.75m
  • Height: 2.38m
  • Design draught: 0.61m
  • Scantling draught: 0.70m
  • Displacement (Td): 10000kg
  • Design category (CE): Zone 2 | Cat. B
  • Block coefficient: 0.60
  • Max. power: 2x 400hp
  • Passengers: 38x
  • Crew: 2x
  • Max. speed: 30kn
  • Cruise speed: 18kn @ 80% MCR

Fast Passenger boat designed as per Owner requirements for the use in Colombia waters for the transport of passengers in Santa Marta area. All passengers are protected through a height bulkwark and a bimini which protects a wide area of the passenger deck.